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New Year's Refinements

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language. And next year’s words await another voice”– TS Eliot

Resolutions come and go! We all have great intentions at the beginning of the new year.we often reach for new and exciting changes, but we don't always have a plan to carry them through.

Resolution means resolve, decision, determination. And New Year's resolutions tend to be heavy on the decision, but unclear on the determination. We DECIDE that we want BIG changes, NEW habits, SUPERIOR routines!

However, DETERMINATION requires some kind of action, committment, dedication, which can only be achieved with planning, setting goals, making a timeline, being clear on the measurements and metrics.

Therefore, resolutions tend to fizzle out by the end of January. The magnitude of the desired outcomes coupled with the lack of a clear path, make it much too easy to fall back into old habits and ways.

Can this be done differently??

I was thinking that maybe after 2020 (and especially after 2020) that I would take a different approach. And I was inspired by my own grading changes that I have implemented throughout the year.

For years, my standing teaching New Year's resolution was that I would grade ALL of my students' assignments in an expedient manner! For years, I DECIDED that I would change my poor grading habits. And for years, I must have expected the magic grading fairy to show up and wave his magic grading wand, because I never really determined how that was going to happen.

However, when I finally made a plan, changed my metrics, and set realistic goals to accomplish this, for me, daunting task, I was actually able to meet some of my own deadlines and make real changes to my grading habits! And all I really did was tweak what I already did well and adjust what I was struggling with.

I refined what I already knew and did!! And it was easy to implement and measure!

Refining makes so much more sense! It is so much more beneficial to revise, sharpen, and improve what I already know than to make big changes, overhaul my whole curriculum, or re-invent the grammar "wheel"!

Am I perfect? NO! Am I better? YES! Do my students benefit? HECK YES!!

Does this mean I'll never try new and exciting changes in my teaching? No! Of course not! But, for now, refining is what I want to focus on!

So, while we all wait for 2021 to bring back some normalcy and get us back into the classroom on a more permanent basis, I truly believe that it is more important than ever we start of the new year with some realistic and reachable REFINEMENTS!

This year is my year of REFINEMENTS! No more resolutions! No more unrealistic expectations! Nope - I’m going to do what I already do and know - but I am going to do it better!

2021 will be my year to become great at ONE THING that I am already good at, and I will improve on two things that I already know how to do!

In my teaching, I will become great at using PowerPoints for maximum student learning! I will also improve on my minimal marking and using feedback techniques in my virtual teaching. (I already know about these approaches, so tweaking, adapting, and adjusting will be a snap!)

In my personal life, I will be returning to a keto-based diet and daily exercise to keep up my energy, so that I can best serve my students and fellow teachers!

What about you?? What are your NEW YEAR'S REFINEMENTS?

If you're not sure, let's talk about it! Together we can get you on the road to refinement and off to a wonderful 2021!!

Happy new year to all my fellow teachers!

May 2021 be YOUR year!!

A Free New Year's REFINEMENT coaching call to help you create an action plan for your teaching in 2021 focusing on what refinements you can make to help achieve your reEnchanted goals! After 45 minutes, you will come away with actionable approaches, individual goals, and a clear path into 2021! Plus an opportunity to work with me in continuing your reEnchanted teaching path!

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