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ReEnchanted Teaching

the flipside way

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Because when teachers are ENCHANTED with their teaching, students become ENCHANTED with their learning!!!

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FlipSide Coaching

A Personalized Approach

The life of a teacher has its ups and downs on a yearly, monthly, weekly, even hourly basis!! Are you are looking for more ups than downs? need a motivational spark or inspiration for a specific area? in a teaching "funk"?  have a challenging class? looking for new teaching methods? all of the above?! The FlipSide Way may just be what you're looking for to spice up your already amazing teaching! Contact me today to discover how you can become reEnchanted with your teaching and empower your students!

The FlipSide Academy

A Comprehensive Approach

Teaching can be exhilirating and exhausting! Has it been years since your "formal" education in teaching? Do you find professional development courses inspiring, but hard to implement? Are you as overwhelmed in the beginning of the school year as at the end? Are you considering a change of career, but love being in the classroom? Do you work too much? Do you worry about your students' learning? The FlipSide Academy can help. Give your students the best version of yourself. Find your greatest teaching "hits", create new ones, and become reEnchanted with your life and work as a teacher!


A Specific Approach

reEnchanted Teaching

From disenchanted to reEnchanted

What grade do you give yourself?

3 tools to feeling like an A+ teacher! 

"Weight" for it

What weight loss taught be about becoming a better teacher. 

What is your superpower?

How to find your teaching superpower.

HS English Topics

Fuctional Grammar, Innovation, more 

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