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reEnchanted Teaching


Because students deserve teachers who are enchanted with their teaching.  With my 25+ years of experience in teaching, teacher-training, coordinating, and coaching, I’ve discovered ways to turn disenchantment in to reEnchantment, so that teachers worldwide can enjoy being the enchanting teachers they know they are!

AND because when teachers are ENCHANTED with their teaching, students become ENCHANTED with their learning!!!

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A Personalized Approach

Teaching can be exhilarating and exhausting!  The life of a teacher has its ups and downs on a yearly, monthly, weekly, even hourly basis!! Are you are looking for more ups than downs? need a motivational spark or inspiration for a specific area? in a teaching "funk"?  have a challenging class? looking for new teaching methods? all of the above?! The reEnchanted Way may just be what you're looking for to spice up your already amazing teaching! Contact me today to discover how you can become reEnchanted with your teaching and empower your students!



A Teaching Approach

Are you an overseas English teacher? Do you teach teenagers? Do you teach ESL/EFL students? Do you teach in a non-English speaking country? Do you teach according to national foreign language requirements and curriculum? 

Are you looking for ways to lighten your load? Spice up your lessons? Engage your students? Implement creative methods? Grade smarter and faster? 

Are you constantly looking for inspiration for new topics, reading material, grammar training, writing exercises , speaking activities, classroom engagement activities, or more??

Yes? Then reEnchanted English can help! 


A Specific Approach

reEnchanted Teaching

From disenchanted to reEnchanted

What grade do you give yourself?

3 tools to feeling like an A+ teacher! 

What is your superpower?

How to find your teaching superpower.

HS English Topics

Fuctional Grammar, Innovation, more 

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